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paper cup manufacturers in Bangalore | disposable paper cups

Best Paper Cup Manufacturers in Bangalore. Sippy Cups quickly rose to the top position because of its devotion to providing faultless items. To guarantee greater standards for our clients, we employ high-quality materials and advanced production methods. Sippy Cups designers place a high priority on offering our clients bespoke solutions that meet their needs. All these efforts to focus on the needs of the consumer have helped us establish a solid presence in various marketplaces.


Optimum quantity and quality

Sippy Cups is a well-run company with quality certification that is recognized as one of the premier manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of paper cups. Sippy Cups' expert employees carefully construct the selection of biodegradable paper cups that they provide. As a result, we frequently receive inquiries about the paper cups we sell.


Paper Cup Manufacturers in Karnataka

Offering eco-friendly disposable paper cups, printed paper teacups, white paper cups, corrugated paper cups, paper muffin cups, and disposable poly-coated paper cups, we are a leading Paper Cup Manufacturers in Bangalore.


Disposable paper cups

We are the industry leaders when it comes to manufacturing & supplying high-quality disposable paper cups.



One of the prominent Manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Paper Cups is Sippy Cups, a professionally run business with a Quality certification. We provide a variety of biodegradable paper cups that are carefully made by our professional employees. Since we deal with Paper Cups, we frequently receive inquiries about them.


Frequently Asked Question

Which company gives eco-friendly paper cup products in Karnataka?  

Sippy Cups offers eco-friendly paper cup products in Karnataka.

Which company does very well in quality certification with premier manufacturing products?

Sippy Cups Company is very well known for its quality certification and premier manufacturing products.